Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Really Bugged!

The stink bugs are really bugging everyone!  Some of the campers are complaining.  Most of our complaining campers are staying in cabins. Those stink bugs can become as flat as a quarter and sneak into anyplace.  Cabins are not air tight. Last Sunday our Sunday paper had an article about stink bugs. I printed out the article so I can give it out to the customers thinking maybe they will understand the problem.

 For the most part, the customers are OK about the  bug thing. I tell them to get an empty spray bottle and fill it with water and a little bit of dish soap and spray them. For some reason the soapy water will kill them. The soap keeps them from flying and then they die. When you go camping you should expect some bugs, but not this many. The good news is, they don't bite, sting or get into your food, they just bug you and they do smell!  

We clean the cabins and "shop vac" them with soapy water in the shop vac. The ones that are in the cabin die, but more bugs keep on coming in. Whatever can we do? 

Today was the worst day so far, apparently the bugs are trying to get to a warm place. When the sun is out you will see the sunny sides of  building's covered with the bugs. YUCK! 

Maybe the stink bugs will go to Florida for the winter.

What do two termites say when they see a house on fire?
Barbecue tonight??


Margie M. said...

Great tip with the soapy water in a spray bottle. Who knew? You did!

pidge said...

Love your header. Hang in there, they will be gone when cooler weather arrives. Great post.