Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn Is A Second Spring When Every Leaf's A Flower!

TC and I each have a seasonal tote in our basement. We keep off season clothes in our totes. Today we carried our totes upstairs and swapped some of our summer clothes with some winter clothes. The weather is still very warm, but it is getting cooler at nights and in the early morning. We always keep some warm weather clothes upstairs just in case we get a heat wave or decide to go south.

 A couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of  Dr. Scholl's women's inspire fitness walking shoes. link  Now that the weather is cooler, Jodie and I have been doing more walking. We found out that walking around the campground 3 times equals 1 mile. Jodie and I are trying to walk around the campground 6 times a day. Today we walked the campground 8 times!  We don't do it all at once, we go out many times a day. The shoes are very comfortable and make walking fun,  they are suppose to shape up your legs. Thank goodness they were on sale. The Dr.  Scholl's shoes are similar to the Skechers shape-up shoes, but not as expensive.

It's back to work tomorrow. We are going to be busy this weekend for the grand opening of the haunted house. It should be interesting, I will keep you posted.  

Adios and vaya con dios 


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hey Gail & TC, Been meaning to ask you, do they still have the steam train in Hagerstown, on the old Western Maryland RR. I always wanted to see that, maybe on my way home from PA this winter I might detour by way of MD, & WV. Will you guys be wintering there, It gets plenty cold in the winter. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Gail Durham said...

Sam and Donna, they have the The Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum. The museum is very popular. We are going to stay here for the winter. I know it gets very cold, but my mom only lives an hour from here. We have traveled all over the States and Mexico, I just want to be close to family this winter.

pidge said...

Love your Title today, and it is oh so true. I have some of those shape up shoes, and I love mine.