Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Dog Days Of Summer!

Yep it was another great weekend here. The weather has cooled down just a bit and we had some much needed rain. It rained all night long on Friday night. The rain cooled down the temps just enough to make things bearable.
Yesterday we had a "make a Mardi Gras Mask" in the craft room and then we had a wagon ride, and everyone wore the masks that they made. After the wagon ride we had sand art in the craft room, a magic show with Mr. Dean (Ryan if you are reading, Mr. Dean asked about you, he wanted to know if your arm is OK, LOL) and a family movie at the outdoor theater. Everyone had a great time and the rain only came at night.

We have been enjoying the vegetable garden and having lots of salads and vegetables for dinner. Last night we had some grilled Mahi Mahi, a cucumber salad and zucchini casserole and we loved it. The best thing about summer, is all of the fresh vegetables and fruit. Yum Yum!

Today is the big check-out day, we will be busy cleaning up and getting everything in order for the next campers. Thanks for reading life is good.........

Jodie is so happy for the cooler weather.


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Happytrails said...

I love that your campground has all those activities for the kids (big and little). Sounds like a great place for a family to spend some vacation time.
I just love the fresh vegetables and fruits that are available this time of the year. Now if it will only cool off a bit so I can get back to my walking routine.

Take care!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)