Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Meeting!

Yesterday after work, I went to Westminster to meet Scott. Michelle and Scott sure do make a nice couple. I enjoyed the time we spent together. We all got together at my sisters house and then went out for some pizza. Michelle looks wonderful as always and she seems to be loving life. Michelle, (my daughter) Scott, Robbie (my son) and Melissa (Robbie's girlfriend) are talking about coming here to the Hagerstown KOA to camp for one weekend. I would just love that. Isn't that the greatest thing? I'm so blessed!

I'm so happy to be back in Maryland. It's great to be close to family. The weekend went by fast and all of the campers had a good time. We are working at a great place, have a wonderful family and life is so good.........
The pictures above: Michelle and Scott, Michelle and Ryan, Robin and Ryan and last but not least, Mom and the famous Buddy Boy!

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