Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting Ready For Next Weekend!

The big Fourth of July Weekend is coming up, actually this past weekend was pretty busy. We had our family movie on Friday night and the diner was open for dinner and breakfast. Saturday we had fun crafts where you could make sand art, tie dye t-shirts or you could paint your own wine glass. Saturday night we had entertainment by Men and Machine (the 2-man 5-piece band) and a fun Kazoo wagon ride. Man oh man will this fun ever stop?

The big one is coming up and we are completely booked, it's going to be a zoo. Meanwhile, I'm getting excited because my sister and her son Ryan are coming to camp in one of our cabins this Tuesday. They will be staying for 3 nights and we will all have a great time. I will have 3 days off, yea!!!! I read that the weather is going to be more tolerable, thank God! Everyone has been complaining about the heat, we have had record breaking temps. I still think the heat is much better than the bitter cold. We are working today and tomorrow night, then I'm off for three days!!!!!!!!!!! Fun times with family yahoo!!!!!

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Happytrails said...

It will indeed be a BIG weekend and just like you all we are booked. This was a crazy weekend with strange campers/situations and we were busier than the Park Rangers antcipated.
I am so glad you will be off for a few days and your sister and her son are coming to visit. Fun!!
Sounds like your campground does a lot of things for the campers...not as much here.

Have fun and take care!!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)