Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Flooding!

This coming weekend is going to be busy. Memorial Day is the start of summer. We are booked, every space is rented.

This past weekend was a little busy, we had a group called the Tidewater GMC. This group of campers come here every year. They all have GMC motor homes. They stopped making the GMC motor home in 1978. This group travels all over the USA. There were about 20 of them.

We had the usual activities, movies at the outdoor theater, wagon rides, art and crafts and great food at the diner. Saturday the special was shrimp cocktail and shrimp scampi over angel hair pasta, YUMMY!

Saturday, I worked in the office during the day and went back to work in the diner for a few hours during the evening. I had so much fun working in the diner, everyone was so happy with their meal. The crab cakes and the cream of crab soup here is excellent! After work, I came home with some shrimp scampi for our dinner. Working here is great!!!!!

Saturday night and Sunday we had some heavy rain. You can see in the pictures above, our "creek front sites" are completely covered. The creek front sites are a favorite for the campers. I'm sure the creek will be back to normal before the weekend.

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