Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pretty Flowers At The Hagerstown KOA!

Things are going well here at the campground. We really like working here, everyone is so nice.

We don't have a schedule yet but we are promised one soon. We are mostly working evenings. I like working the night shift, we can sleep in. I get up whenever I want and have the morning and afternoon to shop, do laundry and other stuff.

We had some rain and thunder storms on Sunday, but the weather has been sunny and warm most of the time.

They do a nice job here with the gardens.


Margie M. said...

Your photos of the flowers are wonderful. I am glad to read that you are enjoying your life at that KOA. Your site (previous post) looks fantastic. You even have that little deck by your rig. How great is that!

Have a good week.

squawmama said...

WOW flowers are incredible... Glad your having such a wonderful time there. And glad your weather is doing so great, ours is chilly & rainy! Have a super day my friend~~~

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