Monday, May 10, 2010

A Great Mother's Day Suprise!

I was working in the office yesterday and looked out the window and my children were standing there! I was so surprised, I couldn't believe my eyes! Michelle, Robbie and Melissa and "Baby Reed" drove to Hagerstown to see me for Mother's Day, I'm so blessed! They even had cards for me! The owners here are so nice, they saw my kids and said I could close the office early. We cooked some hot dogs on the grill. Robbie made a nice fire and we toasted some marshmallows and made some yummy S'mores! I think Robbie wants to come here and camp, he really liked it here. He and Melissa are thinking about buying a tent and camping on one of the creek sites so Robbie can go fishing. Michelle liked it here, but she is not a tent camper, she would like to stay in one of the lodges. Baby Reed (black lab puppy) and Jodie played all day. Jodie was so tired of puppy play, she slept hard all night long. This, by far was the best Mother's Day ever! Robbie, Michelle and Melissa, you guys are the best, thanks for making me so happy!

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