Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Once again, here is Buddy all dressed up for the holiday. Mom sent me the picture of Buddy and her beautiful orchid. Buddy, you are so very cute! Thanks mom!
I use to love St. Patrick's day when I worked at the pharmacy in Chestertown MD. St. Patrick's day was Doc's birthday. Doc owns the Chestertown Pharmacy and he was the best boss! Doc's name is Vito Tinelli, not an Irish name he is definitely Italian. I worked there for many years and it was the best job ever, I loved it. It was also fun to go out on St. Patrick's day, my friends and I had a blast drinking green beer and acting like fools.

One day after coming home from work, TC said "how would you like to live in Mexico"? TC worked at home, he owned his own real estate business. We had many conversations about Mexico but that was all we did about it. I never though much about living anywhere but where I was, I was happy. Now that I think about it, TC working at home and owning his own business, had way too much time on his hands for daydreaming and thinking.

One weekend TC wanted to go out and look at a motor home for sale. We ended up buying a 1995 Safari. We took that Safari on many vacations and had a blast. One year, just before Christmas, TC said "hey lets go to Mexico for the holidays"! That's just what we did, I had 3 weeks off and we loaded up the Safari and went to Mexico. WOW what an experience that was!
That was our first motor home.

More on Mexico later................

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone, thanks for reading, talk to you in a few!

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