Friday, March 19, 2010

Buying A Home In Mexico!

The hardest I thing I ever did in my life was selling everything that I owned. I went through the years as most people do, saving many treasures and collecting things. It is human nature to hang on to material things. But that's just what we did, we sold the house, a car, antiques and so much more. We packed up the Safari motor home, went to Mexico and bought that house.

We spent the next two years fixing up our Mexican home. TC had great fun working on the house with our gardener and friend, Antonio. Living in a different country was definitely a learning experience. We had a very nice home there and I love and miss all of my Mexican, Canadian and American friends that live in La Tambora. The Mexicans in that part of the country are very nice, honest people and hard workers. We never had a problem. Most of the Canadians and Americans that had homes in our neighborhood, had winter homes, we were the only ones in the neighborhood that stayed there all year long. The summers there are so very brutal, 100% humidity and temps in the mid 90's to upper 90's. Summer is also the rainy season, and when it rained, it poured. Sometimes the rain looked like waterfalls. I was very lonely there in the summer.

After a few years of living in Mexico we decided to sell the house and move back to the states. We sold our Mexican home on the Internet to a couple from Canada. We packed up the Safari and travelled back to the states.

We did go back to Mexico for the winter, that was our last time in Mexico. More on our last winter in Mexico later .....
The pictures above are pictures of our home in Mexico.

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squawmama said...

Good Morning... What a beautiful home you had there... I can see why you miss it! Have a great day and I'll be waiting for you next post!
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