Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Happend To The Snow?

Everyone got all excited about the "big" snow storm we were supposed to get. We were getting ready to deal with over a foot of snow and a ton of ice. Schools in the area were closed Thursday and Friday and the few salt trucks that they have here were ready to go. Thursday it did start to snow, it came down like crazy, almost white out conditions. The manager told me not to come in on Saturday if we had much snow on the ground. I do walk to work, I live here on the campground, I can see the office from my motor home. It takes me about 30 seconds to walk to work. I woke up Saturday morning and we had a very light dusting on the ground and it was raining. Not much snow, but very messy. They don't usually get much snow here in Townsend TN, so when it calls for snow the people here get all worked up. The mountain roads are tough to travel on when the weather is good, when they get just a little snow they are impassable. There were some places in Tennessee that did get a bunch of snow, we were lucky.

Thursday afternoon, Jodie and I went for a walk, we found a trail that leads to the river. You see in one of the pictures above, a statue of a bear holding a fish. This statue is in front of a community of rental cabins. Cabin rental is a big business here.

My grandmother is 96 today! Happy birthday to you Mammaw!

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