Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Day At Work!

Today was our first day of work. We really like this place and the people here. I'm working in the office learning a new campground computer system and TC is working outside. The "workampers" have their own laundry room and a large freezer to share. The other workampers here are very nice.

I had a chance look inside the cabins today. We have many different kinds of cabins. We have sleeping cabins that have TV's hooked up to cable, microwaves and small refrigerators. The sleeping cabins don't have kitchens or bathrooms and you have to bring your own linens. We have fully furnished cabins that have kitchens, bathrooms, and come with linens, cookware, dishes, fireplaces and everything you would need. They also have log homes, they are huge and have many bedrooms, hot tubs Jacuzzis, fireplaces and much more. All of the cabins come with cable TV and Internet.

Everything here is great except the cell phone service. I can go to town to make calls from my cell phone. They have phones at the office. I can receive text and voice messages, I just can't make or receive calls. This is a real bummer for me. We are looking into other options and haven't come up with one yet.

No pictures today, it never got out of the low 20's. Tonight it is going to go down to 9 degrees. I haven't been this cold for ages. The rest of the week is going to be the same. Brr! I feel like I'm living in a freezer. It is so cold, it hurts! We are thinking Florida for next year.

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