Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cold Sunny Day!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was kinda cold and nippy but sunny. It looks like there are a lot of permanent campers here. I guess people leave their campers (motor homes, travel trailers and 5th wheelers) here and come on weekends, holidays and spend their vacations here. The permanent RV'ers have their places all fixed up with porches, nice landscaping and outdoor furniture.

TC fixed the motor home, it's running just fine now. Something was wrong with the batteries (we have 6 of them), they didn't keep a charge. I don't understand the whole thing, but he fixed it. We moved to our new site and we are all set up, we like this site.

They don't have cable TV service here, but the local channels come in perfect and there is so many of them. The Internet service here is OK, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not. This place is great for walking. There are a lot of trails and a fenced in dog park, Jodie gives this place a thumbs up! Oops I mean a paw's up!

The pictures above, the fishing pond and the garden at the entry way.

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