Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pink Snuggie!

As I told you in the previous post, when it is rainy and cold outside I like to go shopping. It has been real cold especially at nights. The other day when I went out to get groceries, I picked up some warm things. I bought some slipper boots and a pink snuggie. I bought the pink one because some of the money goes to the breast cancer foundation. When I came home I put flannel sheets on the bed. We are now ready for the winter, but I still want to go some place warm. Living in a motor home is fun but only if you are in a warm place. We like to spend most of our time outside.

I also like to cook and bake on cold dreary days. After getting all of the warm things in order, I made some homemade beef veggie soup and some yummy french bread.

The snuggie is real nice, it's good for lying on the couch to read or watch TV. You really can't walk around in it, it's about 2 feet too long and the back of it doesn't stay closed.
Jodie really likes the pink snuggie, she doesn't like to share.

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