Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is It a Bobcat or a Coyote?

A few days ago some of our campers were out walking their dogs toward the back of the campground in the meadow. They said they were close to a tree and heard some growling, the dogs and the owners immediately went the other way. A day after that we saw a mess beside the motor home, a pile of bird feathers, just feathers. The next day we saw the same thing, a big pile of feathers, down past the bathhouse. One night we heard some sounds like wild cats screaming, it was close to the motor home.

Bob the owner thinks it might be a coyote. I think it is a bobcat or some wild cats, TC went out to look for signs of a bobcat. Down in the back of the campground there is a tree with a hollowed out trunk. TC found a path with large cat like prints going to the hollowed out tree. We are thinking that maybe the wild cat lives there.

I do know that bobcats can growl just like a dog, I don't think that a coyote would sound like wild cats screaming and fighting. If there was a coyote anywhere near the motor home, Jodie would certainly let us know, she would go crazy barking!

The picture above is Helen and Jerry's "pet bobcat". Roberto lives in Helen and Jerry's home in Mexico, they had him since he was just a little kitten. That picture was taken some time ago, he is much bigger now.

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