Friday, February 27, 2009

Three Little Pigs!

I usually don't post twice in one day but this walk on the nature trail was a trip..........
Today when walking Jodie on the nature trail, we saw a surprise. Jodie started to sniff, jump,yelp and run, (acting just like a hound) soon she was off deep into the woods. All of a sudden I heard loud squealing and lots of barking. I was so scared, and yelling to TC, "get Jodie, that pig is going to hurt her!" (TC told me that he saw a wild black pig on the trail the other day) Before we knew it, three wild black pigs were running across the path being chased by Jodie. I had my camera with me, but everything happened so fast, I never got a picture. I thought wild pigs were much bigger (like the ones you see in movies, that look like they are 100 pounds) and I was fearful that Jodie was being hurt. What a walk that turned out to be!

The picture above, is one I got off the Internet, the "three little pigs" looked just like this one. They aren't that little, they look very mean and angry and they are every bit as big as Jodie. ( Jodie is 45 pounds) We may not walk that trail again!

Now I have "ear worm" in my head, saying .... lions and tigers and pigs oh my!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, I love you so much!

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