Monday, March 2, 2009

Fire Ants!

We have been here before and I stepped on one of these little hills (some of them are quite large). Now I know why they call them fire ants. When they bite you, it hurts like "hell". You really feel like you are on fire. They are all over the place and we try to keep Jodie from walking on them. The people working here at the Willow Tree RV Resort work hard to keep them at bay on the campsites. It is really hard to see, but in the top picture there are thousands of little fire ants. TC knocked one of the hills down and all of the thousands of ants just went crazy.

We had a very rainy weekend and the weekend campers were not "happy campers" It rained cats and dogs the entire weekend. We also had some nasty thunder storms. No fun campfires, no tasty "s'mores". All of the "unhappy campers" just sat inside their RV's and watched TV. Sunday morning most of them were gone! Earlier in the week, the weatherman promised us a nice, warm sunny weekend .... he lied!

We are packing up and getting ready to leave, we head north Tuesday morning.

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