Monday, January 26, 2015

Hobbling Around In The Snow!

This week is turning out to be a very snowy week we're getting snow today more tonight and later in the week they're calling for more snow. I'm just so thankful we're not getting the 2 feet of snow that they're getting in New York.
The other night when Jodie and I were out for a walk, I didn't see a small  hole, as the ground was covered with snow, of course I stepped in it and twisted my foot. I was hobbling around and limping for a few days.  Today I woke up it and was so swollen,  I couldn't put my shoe on. I decided to take the day off and rest my foot and soak it in Epson salt, lo and behold it's starting to feel little better.  I'm praying that it will heal fast, as I work on my feet for most of the day.
A few years ago I started having problems with my left knee I went to an orthopedic surgeon and I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis
I've had two cortisone injections in my knee over the years and they seemed to have helped. I've noticed that this cold weather can really make my arthritis act up, and it has really given me some grief lately. 
 I was told a knee replacement might be in my future. As for now I'll just have to deal with it. I seem to do ok except going up and down stairs.  
Hello "Golden Years".
I haven't been to visit with my new grandson for over a week and can't wait to see him again. We are planning on a visit this week.  Every picture that my daughter sends me I can see he is getting bigger. 
Jacob and Harley all snug.
At least the days are getting a little bit longer and we all know that spring is on the way, might be a while, but we know it's coming. Meanwhile we'll have to deal with the snow, ice and cold.
Thanks for reading, life is good............

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robin wardenfelt said...

glad you took a day off to tend to your twisted ankle, hope it is
better tomorrow. love that picture of Jacob and Harley!!! oh and HURRY UP SPRING!!!