Monday, May 21, 2012

A Long Time Since My Last Post!

The past seven days have just whizzed by.  Our office manager here at the campground took some time off for a much needed vacation.  My co-worker in the mall is still out with a broken arm.  Needless to say, I put in some long tough hours.  I worked every single day and every night for the past 7 days.  Today is the first day in a long time that I’m only working one job. The best part of today is that I got to sleep in. Yahoo! 

This week I don’t get a day off but I’m only working one job a day. I can handle that, summer will go by fast then I’ll be looking for some hours to work during the winter, I’ll grab the hours while I can!

We are getting ready for the big holiday weekend here a the campground. All of our sites are booked. We are going to have rain pretty much everyday this week,  hopefully the sun will come out and everything will dry up later this week for the weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend is always so much fun here. We  have many activities planned.

More on the fun weekend here at the campground later.

Sorry about the short post, I’m finally getting caught up on cleaning, laundry and sleeping.
Thanks for reading, life is good..........


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Good to hear from you but slow down on the work. All work and no play will make Gail a dull girl or something like that..

Janice said...

I can definitely relate about how time flies by sometimes. I have not been posting very regularly either because we have still been busy setting up, parties with family, etc. I feel bad when my blog goes untouched for so long. Hopefully today will be a good day to blog. Take a breath, relax, and enjoy your day!