Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Daughter May Outgrow My Lap,

…….but she will never outgrow my heart.

I took this past weekend off to go to Bowie MD and help my daughter, Michelle move.  She moved from Bowie MD to College Park MD to be closer to her job.
I had a nice time with Michelle and her beautiful dogs, Chance and Harley.  Chance and Harley are labs.

Moving is always such a chore.  I don’t like to pack but I love to unpack.  I helped her put her kitchen together and get things organized.  We also had to go back to the old house and clean it up.

Yesterday was another beautiful warm spring like day.  After coming home, I made an Italian casserole for dinner.  After dinner,  Jodie and I  went outside to take these sunset pictures and take a walk.
It’s back to work today…….

Thanks for reading, life is good............


Sue and Doug said...

what a good mom you are..time well spent with your daughter and your 'granddoggies'!!

Bonnie said...

Hope all this rain doesn't make the creek rise too much ! Billie and Pete are glad that their trailer is away from the creek right now. They are looking forward to enjoying their "home away from home" again this year.

Janice said...

What a beautiful title for this blog. Helping our kids can be fun. I love spending time with my kids even if it is working