Monday, January 16, 2012

Football And The Golden Globe Awards!

Yesterday after work, I came home to very tense football game. The Baltimore Ravens played the Houston Texans and won the game 20 – 13. TC is happy that the Ravens won, but said they didn’t play all that well.  Next weekend the Ravens play the The New England Patriots.  TC said that the Ravens better get their game face on or else they are history!

After all of the football drama I made taco salads and we got ready to watch the Golden Globe Awards.  Watching an award show is an entertaining way to spend the evening.
gails taco salad
The freezing cold temperatures are still hanging around, but so far, no snow. The local ski resorts are happy to finally have some cold weather for snow making. It’s very unusual not to have snow in this part of the world this time of year.

In 65 days the campground will open for the 2012 season. I’m so looking forward the 2012 camping season, springtime and some “sitting out by the campfire weather”. 

Thanks for reading, life is good............



Donna K said...

In the Pacific northwest, we haven't had our usual snowfall either. Got a bit yesterday so the ski resorts are a bit happier. Me? not so much! I'm ready for summer.

Randy and Terry said...

I record the awards shows 'cause Randy doesn't like them at all. And it's kinda nice to be able to fast forward thru commercials and such.