Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All Is Not Happy In The Work Place!

Things are not always happy in the work place.  Working in the retail business sometimes can be a bit dramatic.

I have been working in a different department this past week, meeting new people each and every day. I love meeting people. Everyone has has a story to tell,  some of the stories I hear about are not happy stories.

When I hear sad stories from my co-workers it makes me sad, but nevertheless, it makes me feel so blessed to be me.

I have had a great life so far and I thank my parents for my life.  I have had the best childhood.  I can’t imagine the life some of my co-workers tell me about.

Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me life,
I’m so blessed……..
mom and dad
Thanks for reading, life is good...........


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Nothing is better than a happy and safe childhood to pave the way to a good life:)

Sue B said...

you are very lucky to have such great parents and a nice childhood..I was fortunate like you, too but some are not so lucky!