Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cold Bare Trees!

My goodness, where have I been? Winter is here. I left work today from the mall at 5:00pm and it was getting dark as I was driving home. I didn’t have to leave for work this morning until 8:00am and it was light out. I’m thankful for the light in the morning.

I took this picture on my way home.  This poor little naked tree looks so cold and lonely.

It always amazes me how the trees go from their beautiful glorious fall colors to this pathetic cold desperate state. 
naked tree 
The temperatures are dropping and TC is running around trying to get the motor home ready for the cold. He does a great job insulating so we will be warm and cozy for the winter. We wrap the water hose with heat tape, run some insulating strips around the windows and the slide out, and do whatever we can to save the heat that we have.

Soon Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and the Holidays will be behind us. After all of the fuss, we can relax and settle in for a long winter of watching some great movies, reading books we've been saving for the winter, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows (can't roast them outside on the campfire when it's this cold)  cooking some yummy dinners and enjoying the time we spend together.   
Thanks for reading, life is good................


Randy and Terry said...

I enjoy reading your blog because I get bits of home - before full-timing, we were Marylanders, born (Terry) and raised (both of us). So, I love hearing about familiar areas you talk about in your blog.

Once your park closes, where will you spend the winter?

squawmama said...

Stay warm!!!