Friday, September 23, 2011

The Best Medicine Of Life Is To Have True Faithful Friends!

I had yesterday off and decided to spend the day with my best friends: my mom and my sister!
Mom, Robin and I always have the best time when we hang out. Mom and I went to the mall and did some serious shopping. Robin came and had lunch with us.
After lunch we walked around and found this Halloween shop. We went in and had great fun with all of the spooky things.
I love my little Halloween baby
Aww, how cute are you
This baby won't stop crying
lets dance.....
Last night I was invited to a party here at the campground, it was girls night out.
Wow what a day off.
 I'm so blessed to have all of these wonderful friends.

Thanks for reading, life is good............


Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Where would we be without family and great friends?? I too am a blessed woman! Glad you had such a great day off.

Happytrails said...

Family and good friends....the very best blessing!! Glad you had such fun with your mom and sister!!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That was a great day off!