Monday, July 25, 2011

A Great Weekend Comes To And End!

I had a wonderful weekend! It was "wet and wild" weekend here at the campground and my daughter, Michelle and her boyfriend, Scott were here for a visit.

Michelle and Scott had plans during the day visiting Scott's parents. 
TC and I took care of Harley and Chance, my "Grand Dogs" while they were gone.
Chance and Harley had great fun playing in the creek.
During the evening when the temperature dropped down to a comfortable zone, we all sat outside, had some beer, wine and great conversation.
Having fun on the "water gun, super soaker" wagon ride

The Wet and Wild weekend was a huge success! The local  TV station came out to the campground and took some video and had a spot on the news's about us.

Wet and Wild Weekend at the KOA!

 WILLIAMSPORT, MD - There have been scorching temperatures in the four-state and sometimes even unbearable. But instead of staying inside, some kids are going outside to get wet.

For the kids at the KOA in Williamsport, the heated temperatures didn't change any of their wet plans. The campgrounds hosted a "Wet and Wild" weekend filled with various activities including a water gun war and also duck races for the kids.
"They just enjoy different things and there's lost of things outside," says Alieta Dodson, activity coordinator at KOA.
"It's kind of different," said Haileigh, a camper. "We don't usually go camping so they have different things to do."
Most of the crafts and games were geared towards kids' interests, but it didn't mean parents couldn't join in on the fun too.
"Well with the hotel you're just in the hotel and there's not so much to do," says Michelle Mauro, a camper. "Here for the campsite we did events here, water relay with the kids, and we didn't have to really go anywhere."

It is always so sad to see great weekends like this come to and end.

Thanks for reading, life is good............