Thursday, June 9, 2011

How Hot Is It?

Someone turned the heat back on.  We are really missing the wonderful weather we had the past few days.  The temperature climbed into the high 90's, and the humidity is so high you could cut it with a butter knife.  It feels like 105 degrees. At least everyone has something to complain about.

It's so hot, I feel like a french fry in the McDonald's french fry bin. Its so hot, the squirrels are handling their nuts with potholders.
The sunflowers love this sun.
I worked at the campground yesterday evening and all of the campers were chilling in the pool. I sold tons of ice, ice cream and slushies. I didn't sell much firewood, too hot for that. You can fry your eggs on the asphalt!
They really don't cook that well and who would want to eat them? Maybe I should have used pam.

We had a lot of campers coming in from Florida to escape the heat for the summer. They were telling me that is is hotter here than there. The nice weather will be back. This is just a heat wave.  I guess we need the nasty weather so we can appreciate the good weather, we seem to take things for granted.

After work, I took a dip in the pool. Isn't life great?
Thanks for reading, life is good...............



LaVon Baker said...

It's hot in the Texas Hill Country, too. But not as humid as WV. Thank God, for pools and spring fed creeks to cool off in. Oh, yes, shade trees!

pidge said...

Yes, life is great. Love the sunflower. Our weather has been above average hot also, but supposed to be over by Saturday. stay cool.

Four Windows with a View said...

I heard on NPR that 70% of the country is experiencing a heat wave. I'm in the might have hit 70〫in the Seattle area today.