Monday, May 9, 2011

A Beautiful Day With Family!

Yesterday I went to visit my mom. Michelle, (my daughter) Scott, (her boy friend), Robbie (my son) and Melissa (his girl friend) came to visit also.  It was a great Mother's Day for me! We had reservations at Harry's Lunch. Harry's Lunch is famous for their Coney Island hot dogs. For Mother's Day they had a wonderful buffet (no hot dogs). We ate, laughed and had a good time and left with full belly's! I have the best family!

Michelle and Scott
Robbie and Melissa
Robin (my sister) and Ryan (my Nephew)

Diane (my sister in-law) and Jeff (my brother)
Robin, Gerry (my future brother in-law) Jeff, Diane and I gave mom a bench for her garden for Mother's Day.
This bench looks so nice in her yard.
Mom and "Buddy" sitting on the new bench
After spending time with family, I came back to the campground and had a lovely time with friends. Bob and Linda stopped to by to camp with us on their way to New York. We worked with Bob and Linda a few years ago in Gettysburg PA. We had a great time and asked them to come back to visit this fall. Everybody here at the campground fell in love with Bob and Linda and we want them to come back and work here this fall and next summer! If you guys are reading this, we would love to have you here!!
Thanks for reading, life is good...........


Donna K said...

What a nice mother's day. You have a lovely family.

Your mom looks happy sitting there on her new bench with her little fur friend.

(I hope this is not a dulpicate post...I think I lost the first one!)

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Looks like a great day with the family.

Kevin and Ruth said...

What a great day you had with family and friends.

Kevin and Ruth

Happytrails said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day!! You certainly have a very nice family!!
I love that bench!! It will be a source of joy for your mother!
Have a great day!!

Rick and Paulette said...

What a great Mother's Day for everyone in your family! Nice bench too!

pidge said...

You have a beautiful family. Really nice bench you got for your Mother. She looks so happy sitting there with Buddy.

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Spending Mother's Day with family is what it's all about. Nice bench -- I'm sure Mom & Buddy will enjoy it!

squawmama said...

What a beautiful family... Glad you had such a wonderful day!!!