Saturday, April 30, 2011

Barnyard Palooza!

This weekend at the campground our theme is "Barnyard Palooza"!  We had all kinds of fun activities. Our activities include:  A Friday and Saturday night movie at our outdoor theater, tie dye shirts, learn to line dance, paint ceramics, barnyard roundup tag game, decorate visors, pin the tail on the donkey, ice cream making, a wagon ride wearing your new visors, sand art and making a barnyard out of foam. WOW, is that fun or what?

TC loves to play "little farmer man" on weekends like this!
My bad luck week is almost over and things are looking a little bit better.

I enjoyed watching the coverage on Royal Wedding. It's nice to watch happy things on TV for a change. I think Princess Catherine's wedding dress was beautiful. I just love happy stories especially ones with happy endings........
Thanks for reading, life is good..............

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Donna K said...

That is a REALLY funny picture. Sounds like you are having too much fun!

I read where her "official" title is Dutchess of Something or Other...that she could not use the title Princess since she was born of royal blood. Don't know if it's trues or not...just interesting! She is certainly lovely.