Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting Older!

When I was younger (it doesn't seem that long ago) I never had allergies or degenerative arthritis. Now I'm in what everyone calls the "Golden Years". The only thing that I have that's golden is my pee!  What is so golden about these years? Today as I'm typing this post, I can't breath out of my nose and my left knee hurts from getting my second cortisone injection OUCH! I had my first injection last May. The doctor told me, I could only have 3 of these injections. The next step would be getting joint fluid therapy. They inject some type of gel into your knee once a week for 5 weeks. Supartz is the name of this treatment. I need my knee to work so I can enjoy all of the summer activities.
Today is a cool, cloudy, rainy, yucky day.  The campground opens this Friday and we do have some reservations. I hope Mother Nature will be kind to us for the weekend.

Tomorrow is just around the corner, maybe I'll be able to breathe out of my nose and eat with my mouth closed. My knee is already starting to feel better.
Thanks for reading, life is good..........


Donna K said...

I hate it when I have days like that! Hopefully that injection will help. I have had them in my hip and it helped for awhile, but any day with less pain is a good day. Maybe the sun will come out - that always makes me feel better.

Happytrails said...

Glad your knee is feeling better!! I sure know what you mean....I have a bad shoulder, probably rotator cuff injury and probably should have surgery so I have avoided the doctor. I think I have avoided long enough. I hope the shots help!!

Send us some rain...we sure need it. The pollen is soooo bad.

Have a great opening weekend!! :-)

Kevin and Ruth said...

I agree with you. I never had allergies and now I seem to and I've had such an achy arm these past few months, I am not sure what is wrong with it. I hope your treatments work for you. My Dad was having problems with his knee and they found out that he needed a hip replacement. Funny, that the knee should cause him problems when the problem was with the hip. He had that replaced and now the other one is bothering him. Wonderful "Golden Years" aren't they! Hope you're feeling better.

The snow has held off for us so I hope you have a great weekend!

Kevin and Ruth

I.M. Vayne said...

Someone once told me that a gittin' old were a lot like what comes out the back end of a cow on a bad day. After a readin' yer post, I.M. a thinkin' maybe they knowed somethin'.

Merikay said...

Ask your doctor about Mobic,or Mobec, I'm not sure how its spelled. It an anti inflammatory that works great for minor arthritis. I take it every day with no stomach upset. I was told about it by a pharmacist. My sister in law also takes it and she to was told about it by someone other than her doctor. It is prescription, not over the counter, and not one of those natural remedies. I take a generic version and so it only cost me about $10 per month.

It really works! I too have had cortisone shots. Ouch.

JOJO said...

Golden Years my butt. I just had a complete left knee replacement 4 weeks ago today. Had the right one done in 08. I just can't wait for it to all be healed and I will be on my way for the summer.
Hope the shot last awhile and you can get around better. Good Luck

pidge said...

I have always had alergies, but you are right, the older I get, the worse they are. My nose feels the same way today.