Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oranges And Grapefruit!

John and Judi came back from their vacation from the south. They brought us some yummy oranges and grapefruit. I love oranges and grapefruit.

This grapefruit is as big as a bowling ball!
These oranges and grapefruit are a true gift from the sun. Spring is on the way and we are ready for it.
Oranges from Florida are the best. These oranges are so big, I eat one for breakfast and I feel full for the day. I need all of the Vitamin "C" I can get.  This is the Flu season. Even though I had a flu shot, there are a lot of people I'm working with that have some sort of virus or something. Sometimes I come home and drink some Emergen-C Emergen-C is a great immune defense that contains a lot of vitamin C and Zinc, but never the less eating fresh oranges and grapefruit is the best way to fight off all of the bad stuff out there!!! 

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squawmama said...

Vitamin C is a good thing... I had a flu shot too & I am the only one in the family who hasn't gotten sick...