Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh, By Gosh, By Golly!

One more crazy working day to go!  The past few days have really been tough. People are nuts. I feel that I might need a suit of armor to wear to work tomorrow. People have all of a sudden forgot how to be polite. They are pushing, yelling and using some foul language.  I want to yell, "HELLO IT'S CHRISTMAS, DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT THAT'S ALL ABOUT!"

I had on nice gentleman come in today and wanted something he saw in a sale paper. He had the paper with him and showed me the picture. We sold the last one early this morning. I told him I was truly sorry. He told me that next year he might start shopping a day or two earlier. Isn't that a hoot? Most of these last minute shoppers can't find what they are looking for and end up spending more money.

Moms dog, Buddy all dressed up for the Christmas Season.
One of our younger shoppers wanted to buy a promise ring to give to his girlfriend. Now this is the day before Christmas Eve and we only have a few rings left.  He ended up with a VERY nice promise ring for his girlfriend.  The funny thing, was when he asked for a size 5 1/2. Most jewelry stores only carry a few sizes and never carry half sizes. I told him we would have to order a size 5 1/2. He wanted to know if we could have it ready by tomorrow (Christmas Eve). COME ON PEOPLE, GET REAL!  I ended up selling him a care plan for the ring so his girlfriend could get it sized and  fixed if she ever had any problems with it. The care plan is good for a lifetime.

Working in retail during the holiday season has been quite an experince. Most of the shoppers are very nice. Some of them treat us terrible. Now I understand why people go postal. 

If I make it home tomorrow without any broken bones or brusies, I'll feel lucky. Working all of these hours will soon be over and I will have time to read all of the blogs I use to read each and everyday. After working 8 to 10 hours everyday I just want to come home, take a hot shower and climb into bed.
Jesus is the Reason for the Season


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Love Buddy's picture to cute.

The real Christmas has lost it to the dollar.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Sounds like you will be glad when the shopping part of Christmas is over :) enjoy the holiday at home!


by gosh by golly!..what a day you had..those last minute shoppers are a hoot!..wait till tomorrow!!..
merry christmas to you and TC and 'jodie'!!!

pidge said...

Your Mom's dog looks so cute, and acts like he really enjoys the spotlight. You all have a very Merry Christmas.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Merry Christmas Gail & TC, from our house to yours. Sam & Donna....