Monday, October 11, 2010

Walking The Trails And Taking Photos!

Mother Nature is messing with us again. Today is like a summer day. I love the summer so I'm not complaining. I wish we could open the windows especially,  at night when the weather is perfect for sleeping. When we open the windows, the stink bugs can squeeze in. Those stupid little bugs can become as flat as a quarter. I hate the little suckers!

It was a slow day in the office today. Sometimes I want to tell people what I think of them when they call, but I'm always friendly and polite. I have people calling to make a one night reservation. They always call while they are driving, so sometimes I lose them.  They call back and  apologize. I tell them maybe they should stop at a rest stop or something and call back. Talking on a cell phone while driving in Maryland is illegal not to mention dangerous.    I love the people who call to make reservations and have nothing handy, like their credit card or any discount cards we might take, then put me on hold while they find all of this stuff. When we travel and are trying to find a place to camp, I have everything ready before I make the call, don't you? I just smile and tell myself I'm blessed to have this great job close to my family. I do love working here. After work, Jodie and I went to the C & O Canal to do some walking. The weather was just too beautiful to stay home.  

Jodie and I had a great walk. Jodie really needed this walk. Every time we give Soupy any attention, Jodie begs for a doggie treat. We always give in and give her one.  Soupy just loves Jodie and is always trying to get next to her.
taking pictures while walking the C & O Canal
            What did one autumn leaf say to another?  


after all of that walking, I need a long nap!

I love my new family
Thanks for reading, life is good................


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Working with the public can and is hard at times. I work at a church and it's the same some are in there own world.

Love the pictures of the kids.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Isn't it wonderful how two completely different species get along so good, people should be like that. Hope you have a great week. be safe out there Sam & Donna

Rick and Paulette said...

Your story about the folks calling without having their credit cards ready reminds me of one of my pet peeves. It's standing in line at a grocery checkout and watching someone (sorry, but it's usually a lady with a purse) ahead of as all the groceries are scanned. Only when the last item is scanned, does she then open her purse, start searching for her wallet. Then even more annoying is when they haul out a change purse to count out the exact pennies. All the while, everyone else in line is just tapping their toes waiting. Why can't they just get their wallet out a bit ahead of time for pete's sake? There, I feel better now!

Kevin and Ruth said...

I could not agree with you more. I worked in the office at the campground this year and I had the same troubles, I even mentioned it to Kevin one evening after coming back from a shift. I just have to shake my head.

Love the pictures of Jodie and Soupy. Seems like Soupy has settled in nicely with her new family.

Kevin and Ruth