Monday, October 4, 2010

If You Want The Rainbow, You Gotta Put Up With The Rain!

Today is a cold, miserable, rainy day. Since there is nothing great to do outside, I stayed inside doing some much needed chores. I defrosted the fridge and freezer, I hate that job. I got all caught up on cleaning and laundry. After all of the house work was done, I got out my picturemate printer and printed some pictures for my mom. I love this little printer. We have a all in one printer-scanner-copier-fax machine but I did not like how it printed my 4x6 pictures. I've had this little Epson picturemate printer for a few years now. The printer is about the size of a lunch box. I have the carrying case for it and can take it anywhere. 

Jodie and Soupy making the most of this dreary day

They look so cosy!
 Things are going well with Soupy and Jodie. Soupy is starting to play with Jodie's tail and feet, Jodie is tolerating it but she doesn't like her tail and feet messed with. The kitten is gaining weight and really starting to act like a kitten. He runs around and plays hard and then he will just drop down and nap.   

Tomorrow I have plans to visit with my mom. I haven't seen her for a few weeks and I'm looking forward to the visit.

Thanks for reading, life is good..........


Cruzin2some said...

Looks like those guys are reaaly enjoying the rainy weather.

Stay Safe

Judy and Emma said...

Nice header pic! :)

Sue and Doug said...

Ahh..the life of the animals!!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Yep they sure can take over a couch.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

pidge said...

Have a great time with your Mom. Love the header picture. Thanks for sharing.