Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Visit With My Brother!

I went to Westminster today to visit with my mom.  Mom and I decided to drive to Taneytown to visit my brother, Jeff.   Mom and I stopped along the way and picked up some fried chicken and all the good things that go with it. Jeff had back surgery a while ago and has some time off work to recuperate. We had a nice lunch and a great visit.

Jeff and my sister in-law, Diane have a beautiful dog named Midge.  Midge is so dang gone cute, she is a daddy's girl. She won't let Jeff out of her sight.  Midge is so happy to have Jeff home for a few more weeks.

Jeff and Diane are crazy about the Baltimore Ravens.  They have a family room that they decorate with
Ravens paraphernalia every year during football season. 
Ravens clock
Ravens coffee table
 The outside of the house is decorated as well.

And last but not least, the purple flamingo! You can see these purple birds in almost every yard during football season. These Raven fans go way out!

It was a great day off.  Tomorrow it's back to work and the campers will come driving in. Friday  is the big check-in day for the holiday weekend, we have every campsite rented. It looks like the weather will be good and everybody should have a great time.
Go Ravens!


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Good luck on the holiday weekend, we are staying home from the Lake and letting the holiday crowd have one more site.To crowded and nosiey for us, although my Grandson wouldn't notice it. Next week will be another story still be warm enough for a weekend at the beach and swimming. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

pidge said...

Cute dog. Hope your brother gets along ok.

Dennis and Donna said..., the Ravens are cute...We are Bears fans and now own stock in Rolaids....Hi to your brother!!

Happytrails said...

Hope your brother continues to do well after his surgery. I bet he was glad to see you all and it sounds like a great day off.

Good luck on this busy busy weekend. Have fun and enjoy!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Rick and Paulette said...

Nice looking pup! Now, that's what I call real football fans! Go Ravens!

Kathy and Robert said...

Glad your brother is doing so well after back surgery. My dad had back surgery three weeks ago and I know that having family around was an encouragement to his recover. I'm sure Jeff appreciated you being there.
Enjoy your weekend, sounds like it will be a busy one for you!