Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting Use To The New Member In Our Family!

Soupy the cat seems very happy to be here.  Most of us are happy about the new addition. Jodie is a bit unhappy, she really gets upset when we give the kitty any attention what so ever. I'm a little upset when the "cute little kitty" forgets where her litter box is. TC is in love with the kitten.  We have an appointment with the veterinarian this coming Monday. Monday was the earliest anyone could see her. I will be happy to know she is OK. Soupy is so frail and thin, she is eating more and more everyday. You never know when you rescue a stray.
a heron on the creek
This weekend is pretty busy, we have two groups camping with us. There is a boy scout group tenting with us and a group in RV's. 

The weather has been wonderful, we had some much needed rain yesterday and the weekend is going to be sunny and warm. It is getting cooler during the evenings. The cool nights are great for building campfires.  We are selling firewood like hot cakes!

The owners have been so busy getting the Creekside Manor Haunted House   ready for the season. We had a TV station here today that is going to do a special on this haunted house. The haunted house will open on September 25 and be open every weekend during October. Apparently this haunted house is a huge tourist attraction.

Thanks for reading, life is good................


pidge said...

Hope the kitty is ok. Soupy is an adorable name for it.

Wish I could visit the Haunted House. Looks like great fun.

Rick and Paulette said...

I like the name too! Hope Soupy gets a clean bill of health from the Vet.

Susan said...

Good luck with the new kitty. Rescued pets are the best pets.