Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Furminator!

A couple of days ago I posted about Jodie losing her winter coat (or growing a new one). Judy  one of my blogging friends suggested the Furminator (de shedding tool). I looked up the Furminator on the Internet and ordered one from Amazon. The package was delivered today.

 I think I'm going to like this new tool, I combed Jodie for a few minutes and look at all the fur I got off so far.
It's going to take Jodie some time to get use to this new tool. I comb her for a few minutes and then she has had enough. Over the next few days, we should have her in good shape. Thanks Judy, this was a great idea!
thanks a lot Judy :(
The campground is like a ghost town.  We have just a few campers. It is so quiet and peaceful out. The weather is perfect, nice and warm during the day and cool at nights. When we sit out on the deck at nights we can hear the owls. When the campground is full we hear children, laughter and music. When the campground is empty we hear all of the wonderful sounds of nature. We have the best of both worlds!  

 Thanks for reading, life is good.........  


Sue and Doug said...

looks like you have a new dog on the carpet.or at least the start of one..!

Freely Living Life said...

Wow! Looks like a product that works! =)

It's beautiful to hear that you realize you have the best of both worlds!


Happytrails said...

It appears the Furminator does the trick!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

I like that Furminator let us know how well you like it. Need to get one for our hounds.

Judy and Emma said...

Thanks for the shout out. :) Emma feels the same way as Jodie about the furminator, but it only takes a few minutes to get a pile of fur off. It sure saves having all that fur flying around inside the rig. :)