Sunday, August 29, 2010

Williamsport Days!

Today was the big clean-up day. Almost all of the campers have left and it's very quiet. It got pretty hot out today with temps in the high 90's. There is an air quality alert in effect.  We won't be sitting out by a campfire tonight. We will be inside enjoying the AC and watching a movie.

After work I drove into town to the Byron Memorial Park. This weekend was "Williamsport Days". Williamsport Days is a four-day event that celebrates the town at the end of summer.  About 127 vendors packed Byron Memorial Park with food, crafts and art for sale. There was so much to see, and all of the food smelled so good. But I was good and didn't buy anything, that's the good thing about living in a motor home, you can't collect that much, therefore you don't spend that much money.

pretty bird houses
We are called the "Hagerstown / Antietam Battlefield KOA".  We are actually located in Williamsport MD, just outside of Hagerstown. Hagerstown is just minutes away. People come here to camp because we are close to many things. Day trips include Washington DC, Harpers Ferry, Gettysburg PA, of course the Antietam National Battlefield and many other places.

these hand painted wooden roses are beautiful
Williamsport, Maryland is located in the heart of the Cumberland Valley where the serpentine, tree-embowered Conococheague Creek mildly flows at long last into the Potomac River. If you want to read about Williamsport go to:   Williamsport History  I love this town, we are close to major shopping and medical facilities but just far enough away. I'm not a big city girl, I love the country.

It was a very hot day, even the vendors where wiped!

We will have a few days of peace and quiet, then the big weekend will be here and the fun will start.

Thanks for reading, life is good.........


pidge said...

Love all the bird houses in your picture. Looks like a fun time at the "Williamsport Days".

MargieAnne said...

I'm doing some catching up and I welcome you to follow my Blog/Journal.

I love reading about your travels and work. There's only one problem. The more I read the more I long to come and see for myself. Talk about frustrating.

I hope you enjoy reading about me/us out here in New Zealand.

Weight loss is the reason I began to write @ nothing is too hard with God so there will be many posts you will not be interested in but I do try and keep some good content about life in NZ as well. I love our country. It is like tiny, exquisite jewel. I often describe the difference between NZ and USA as being like comparing a HUGE MANSION with a tiny dolls house. Similar features but we are small in comparison and while we have some grand vistas experiencing North America was mind blowing for us both in terms of landscape and population.

The one thing different we are glad about is no snakes and only one tiny poisonous spider which is also very rare. But we don't let all your dangerous creatures put us off.


Rick and Paulette said...

A pretty nice way to end the weekend!