Monday, August 2, 2010

We Are In The Motor Home Magazine!

We are in the September issue of the Motor Home magazine. We are on page 37. We are all so excited. We have had some people call to make reservations because they have read the article. Isn't that great?

                              You may remember my post about the Remember When Diner:
Motor Home magazine did a real nice article about campground cuisine.
They talk about Kamp Klamath RV park, Sweetwater Campground, Sundermeier RV park, Sagadahoc Bay campground, and our campground. We feel very special.

The best thing about our diner is breakfast! Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. The campers love eating at the diner.  All of the food is excellent, and the price is reasonable.    


Happytrails said...

How exciting!! You're famous!!
We will go out and buy that copy of the magazine. I used to subscribe to it but when we closed out our mailing address they don't forward magazines so we buy off the newstand the ones we like.
I love that diner....very unique! I can't wait to see the article.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Wow! That's so cool!! I need to find a copy to check you guys out too!

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

How exciting! We have been celebrities ourselves several times.

Our recent was in the Highway's June 2010 issue regarding Bucket Lists.

We have been interviewed for a TV spot regarding our NASCAR plans.

We had a newspaper column written about our event at a Christmas tree lot a few years ago.

And, next week we are going to be speakers on one of the Webinars that is sponsored by Workamper News.

We don't let it all go to our heads for the most part until folks at some of the NASCAR events began asking for our autographs...that was special!

It will be nice to be able to say that we knew you guys before you became famous and now afterwards too!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Wow that is so cool I'm on the way to find a copy.