Monday, August 23, 2010

A Nice Visit With Good Friends!

Saturday night our good friends, Rick and Betty came to visit with us. After TC got off work and I came back from going to my grandmother's viewing, we took Rick and Betty out to dinner. We went to a nice seafood restaurant and had a great dinner and a good time.

Rick showing TC how to put in our new electrical converter box.
After dinner we came back to our campsite and had a few drinks and talked about good times. Rick and Betty worked with us at the Tremont Outdoor Resort in TN. They had a bad experience working there and they are now working at at the Buckeye Lake KOA in Ohio. They love working there.

Today was my grandmother's funeral, we had a very nice service for her. After the service we shared fellowship and lunch and talked about all of the good times with our "Mammaw".  It was so nice to see all of the family.  We all have so many memories to hold in our hearts and cherish forever.

Having Mammaw as my grandmother has made my life so very special. When I was young, I loved spending my summers with Mammaw and Pap-pap at their home in Gamber. My summers there were great. Mammaw use to buy us little tiny clothes pins and hang up a clothes line so Robin and I could wash and hang out our doll clothes. She always made the best yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing and we use to fight for the corner piece.

Mammaw, today we are celebrating your life, and each and every one of us are so very thankful to have had such a wonderful person in our life.

I get much pleasure thinking about my dad and Mammaw meeting in Heaven, and my dad saying "hey Margaret where in the heck have you been?"

Life is good and I'm so blessed...............................


Margie M. said...

Losing someone so close is always very difficult. Your memories of your Mammaw will never leave you, and that is the good thing.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

What nice words about your Mammaw..

She sounded like a great woman to me.