Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hot And Steamy Weather!

our morning walk
Last weekend was so nice.  The days were warm and sunny and the evenings were cool, cool enough to sit outside by the campfire. The nice weather has left us and the hot, steamy weather is back (It's so hot, I can roast marshmellows on my belly).   When it is this hot out, we don't sell much firewood, but we do sell a ton of ice, ice cream cones and slush puppies. Dipping all of that ice cream keeps me busy.
I have to get up pretty early to walk Jodie, she hates this hot weather. She gets most of her exercise in the morning. I have to hog-tie her to get her out in the afternoon.  Jodie is happy when the rest of us are wearing coats.

a "puppy" picture of Jodie

Jodie girl, fall and winter is on the way.

Our days off were nice.  I enjoyed my visit with mom and Ryan. Yesterday was "catch up" day.  I did cleaning, laundry and shopping.

We go back to work today, and I will find out how many reservations we have coming in this weekend. We love our weekends to be busy. 

Life is good, thanks for reading............

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Happytrails said...

We like to stay busy too. It is more fun, you meet more people and the time moves faster. Unfortunately, we are not busy....just too hot to go camping in this area.
Cody, our golden, doesn't like this heat either!

Stay cool!!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)