Thursday, June 24, 2010

Camping And Critters!

Working at a campground and camping is always a great experience. I love working in the camp store, it's a great way to meet people and try to make everyone happy. We get so many crazy questions. Last night one of our customers came into the camp store and asked if someone could please get rid of a black snake that was in their campsite, he didn't seem to mind the snake but his wife was freaking out about it. Well you all know that I HATE SNAKES! I called TC on the radio and asked if he could help out and he went to the site. The snake went up the tree and we never saw him after that. We don't kill the black snakes here because they kill the poisonous snakes (copperheads). We all know that black snakes are good, they eat the mice and other bad things. Yes they are good, but I still hate them, they get so big and they are so yucky. Now we all know that God has everything here for a reason. I don't understand the reason for slugs and we have a lot of them here, I don't know what the heck they are good for.

It has been very hot and the pool is getting a lot of use. Being on the creek with the heat, we have many bugs. The bugs don't bother me so much, I hate the gnats when walking Jodie in the mornings, they fly into my nose, ears, and mouth. The gnats go away after a few hours. We have a lot of lighting bugs and I love to watch them.

It looks like another busy weekend. We are in our prime season and working later at nights. I love this campground. Working a KOA's have been the best "workamping" jobs for us. I'm sure that other campgrounds are great to work for, but we haven't found any that are as nice as the KOA's.

The pictures are pictures of our vegetable garden, we will have a lot of squash, corn, tomatoes and other yummy thing to eat. John loves his garden and he takes very good care of it. All of the customers are welcome to pick a tomato or two if they want. How great is that!!!!!


Happytrails said...

Your garden looks very nice...wish we were there to pick a few tomatoes. I love tomatoe sandwiches.
Sounds like you all are really enjoying your workamping experience. That is great. We are enjoying camp hosting at FDR State Park also. I think campers can be so funny with some of their questions. We had a camper knock on our door last night at 10:00 asking if we had a light bulb. Funny!
You all take care and enjoy the BIG weekend that is coming...July 4th!!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Margie M. said...

The people (even any cranky ones) I could deal with....snakes, well that is another story. Even those black snakes would freak me out. I think the fact that I would find snakes in my path keeps me from wanting to be much of a hiker sometimes. It may be an irrational fear, but it is a really BIG irrational fear then!