Friday, May 7, 2010


One of my readers asked me to post more about workamping. We have only been workamping for about three years. We mostly work at KOA campgrounds. We have had a few jobs at private campgrounds, but we like the KOA's better. If you go to the "work @ koa" website, you can sign up and they will help you finding jobs and help you with your resume. You can also pick what state you would like to work and look for jobs. I think it will cost you about $30.00 a year and you get a KOA value card. It's worth every penny, it's a great user friendly site. Some of the campgrounds will have you work so many hours for your site, and some will pay for every hour worked. Some campgrounds offer free propane and others will have you pay for it at cost, or give you a discount.

I usually work in the office and the KOA "kampsite" computer system is really great to work with. I answer phones, take reservations, stock and clean the store and check campers in. TC works outside doing pool cleaning, filling propane tanks, escorting campers to their sites, clean sites after campers leave. He is the jack of all trades. I like working 6 hours a day and TC is happy with 6 or 8 hours a day.

Some campgrounds have restaurants and they will need workampers to work one of the meal shifts. All of the campgrounds need housekeeping workers.

We really like working here at the Hagerstown KOA, the owners are friendly and nice. Last summer we worked at the Natural Bridge KOA and we loved it there also, great people! We have worked at the Gettysburg PA and the Williamsburg VA KOA's as well. The Natural Bridge KOA in VA and the one here in Hagerstown MD have given us the nicest campsite for workamping.

KOA will send you vouchers to stay at KOA's on your way to a KOA workamping job.

I'm sure that some private campgrounds are great to work at, we just had a bad experience working at two of them. We will stick to KOA's for working in the future. Thank you, Kenny and Angela for reading my blog and I hoped I answered some of your questions.

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