Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge!

The other day after visiting the Titanic in Pigeon Forge we went downtown to look at all of the antique cars. We walked and walked, there were so many cars to look at. TC and Rick had great fun taking the trip down memory lane as they use to own some cars like the ones we were looking at.

From shiny, chromed-up, vintage models to the unique fixer-upper, we saw cars to look at, cars to drool over and cars to buy. This is one of the largest car shows in the southeast. With thousands of cars to look at and admire, vendors from all over the country, and a parade of cars on the strip each evening that never seems to end, this was the car show to end all cars shows.

Check out that old travel trailer, can you imagine spending your vacation in that? Believe it or not it's for sale.
We had a great time with our friends Rick and Betty, looking forward to going out with them again.
Today and tomorrow are my long days, and it's not going to be busy, ugh. The weather has cooled down to normal temps. It really feels like spring.

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