Monday, March 8, 2010

Vampires And Werewolves!

A few weeks ago, I went to the library to get a library card. The library in Towsend is a small but well stocked library. Sometimes its hard to get a library card but the Mary E. Tippitt Memorial Library, here in Townsend is happy to give cards to the seasonal workers.

The past few months have been so severely cold, there wasn't much to do, but stay inside and keep warm. I decided to read the Twilight Series written by Stephenie Meyer. I read all four books, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. All four books were pretty big, I became addicted to them and couldn't put them down. The Twilight series has romance, vampires, werewolves and much fantasy to keep you reading. Now that I read all of the books, I'm trying to find something else that is as much fun to read.
TC loves to watch movies, I like movies too, but reading is more of an escape for me. TC always rents the he-man beat em up type of movies. I'm happy being in my own world when I'm reading.

With the weather getting nicer and our hours increased, I won't have the luxury to spend hours reading and dreaming.
The days are getting longer and the sun is coming out to visit more often. Life is good.

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squawmama said...

Hi Gail... First I want to say thanks for coming by and joining my blog. I am adding you to my favorites and as a follower... Second I am a HUGE Twilight fan. Have read all the books and seen both movies (although they were not as good as the books). We will be meeting friends in Colorado April 1st and our plans are to travel up to Alaska entering around Glacier Nat'Park and coming out in Washington. So glad to meet you and become one of your blogging buddies... Have fun & travel safe.