Sunday, February 28, 2010

Messed Up Weather!

Today is Sunday and we are off. We woke up to snow. It is cloudy, cold, snowing and sleeting. I'm not happy. We are waiting for the snow to stop so we can go to Cades Cove and take some pictures. If this snow keeps up we might have to wait until another day. Those mountains roads are tough to drive on when it is beautiful out. This has been the longest winter ever. What is going on with all of this crazy weather, record breaking snow fall, earthquakes, floods and unusual cold temps? My friends in Mexico say they are having record breaking rain this winter. It hardly ever rains in Mexico in the winter, summer is the rainy season there.
I don't have any recent pictures to post and they would be yucky pictures of snow, rain and clouds. Who wants to look at that when we can look at this picture. That picture was taken from my back door in Mexico a few years ago. I miss that hot humid sunny weather.
Hopefully I will have something more interesting to talk about later.......

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