Sunday, December 13, 2009

What A Great Weekend!

I had so much fun spending the weekend with my sister, we always have a great time together. Yesterday was a cold, rainy just crappy day. Robin, Ryan and mom were going to drive me home, but TC thought it would be better if he came to pick me up. The weather was very miserable and foggy. When Robin and I went shopping and I bought a small camera to keep in my purse, I'm trying to learn how to use this camera. I love my old camera, but it is much larger and I can't put it in in my purse. Before TC came to pick me up, mom had some things for us to look at. She had some of my baby clothes, my "Brownie and girl scout outfit", and so many things. I love my mom, she saved everything. She has my first baby doll. My mom is the best!!!!!

The pictures above: Cute little Buddy with his ducky, and Robin with her "brownie" hat and dress.

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