Friday, December 18, 2009

Waiting For The Big Snow Storm!

I went to mom's house today and we went shopping. WOW is it busy, not just because of Christmas, but there is a huge snow storm coming. We learned about this storm yesterday, they were calling for a few inches, as the day went on it was looking more like a foot. Today everyone is talking about the snow and the stories just keep getting bigger. All of this snow is to start falling tonight at around midnight. Who knows what we will wake up to in the morning.

Mom and I went out to lunch with my uncle Dick, we had some great crab cakes. It was so good to see uncle Dick and Mae. We had a real nice time. Mom and I always have fun when we go out. We now have movies, snacks and wine, just in case we are snowed in. Yippee getting snowed in at a campground!!!!

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