Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Troutman Vineyards!

The wedding didn't start until 4:30 so we had time to go site seeing. We went to the Secrest Arboretum (where the wedding is being held) and to the Troutman Vineyards.

The Troutman Vineyards is a small winery, but very nice, we had a great time and tasted some yummy wine. They had friendly goats and a donkey, we fed them some treats. Here is some history about the winery:

Deanna and Andy Troutman opened the winery at Troutman Vineyards in June, 2001. The property was owned for many years by Russell Stauffer, who raised chickens and sold produce in a roadside stand located near the house. The winery building was renovated from one of the property's original chicken coops. Andy and Deanna moved to the property in the fall of 1997 with plans to start a small, high-quality winery. Deanna, a marketing executive, and Andy, vineyard manager at Wolf Creek Vineyards, began planting vineyards in Wayne County in the spring of 1998. After three seasons of very cooperative weather, the first crop was harvested in the fall of 2000, with the winery debuting three wines from this first vintage the following summer.
We really fell in love with Wooster Ohio, it is a very charming place. We left the Wooster Inn at 10:00 after a nice breakfast with family and got home just after 5:00. We had Papa Johns deliver some pizza. After driving so long, we don't feel like cooking. I'm getting pictures of the wedding together and will post about it soon.
It is great to be "home" but I'm looking forward to our next adventure.

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