Friday, August 21, 2009

Stonewall Jackson!

Yesterday we went to see the Stonewall Jackson house. The tour guide we had was a very nice older gentleman. He talked so soft and slow, I could hardly keep my eyes open. Photography is not allowed in the house. I only have pictures of the garden and the outside. The picture above of the horse and carriage is part of the Downtown Lexington Tour (now that looks like fun). The history of Stonewall Jackson is very interesting, the tour of his home is just OK.
Thomas Jonathan Jackson lived in Lexington from 1851-1861, while he was a professor of Natural Philosophy and an instructor of artillery tactics at the Virginia Military Institute. During that decade Jackson joined the Lexington Presbyterian church, married, bought the only home he ever owned, and lived quietly as a private citizen.

In April, 1861, Jackson rode off to war. He never returned to Lexington alive. Following the first battle of Manassas, T.J. Jackson became widely known by the nickname "Stonewall". Jackson earned lasting fame for his leadership of Confederate forces, especially during the Valley campaign of 1862. "Stonewall" Jackson died in May, 1863, as a result of wounds received at Chancellorsville. His body was brought back for burial in the cemetery on the south edge of town.

Since 1954, Jackson's Lexington home, located a block east of Main Street, has been a museum and historic site. In 1979 the house was carefully restored to its appearance at the time of the Jackson's' occupancy. The house, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, is furnished with period pieces, including many of Jackson's personal possessions.

After the tour we had lunch at the Bristo on Main Street. TC had a Bistro Burger with fries and I had a Salmon Caesar Salad. The Bristo on Main street is a very nice place and we will go back, lunch was excellent!

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