Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spending Your Vacation At A Campground!

We have been living in our motor home for a few years now. We have travelled all over the USA. I noticed many things about people who chose to spend their vacation at a campground in their RV. Your RV (motor home, fifth wheeler or travel trailer) is your own personal home. Most RVs have bathrooms, kitchens and some living space. People who have pets love vacationing in an RV, it is nice to have your little four legged friend with you. Children love to camp, most campgrounds have so much for children to do. When you camp at one campground for a week or more, its like living in a little neighborhood, you get to know your neighbors, exchange emails and keep in touch. We have made many friends during our travels. Many times we go to a campground and see someone we met a year ago at a different campground! We are even meeting people from different countries, they fly over here to the states and rent an RV for travel.
The picture above ----- "Willie" our "kampstore" mascot.

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